About JA-ZO

Inasmuch as every website and blog has its about page, I have included one for the benefit of any would-be surfers who have drifted however temporarily onto these virtual rocky shores. I had thought at first I would forego this obligation, as the impetus and scope of JA-ZO fall well within the bounds of self-satisfaction, although one would hope sans aggrandizement.

It seems to me the key motivator to blogging is an immense passion in an interest, whether it be cooking or tech, architecture or film, linguistics or photography. In this vein, I began assembling a collection of potential topics, and somehow a clear direction came into focus. Unfortunately, JA-ZO will have no central theme the way many blogs do, and I doubt any posts will be written with passion. Instead, my objective here is to cultivate a synthesis of ideas, and eventually outline a worldview. My simple methodology will essentially comprise introducing ideas and connecting them with others. I will showcase certain sources of information and perhaps extract some significance to add to the amalgamation of views. I will also aggregate articles and podcasts of interest on the web with a comment or two. What I think might emerge is an online presence that makes somewhat more tangible the abstract facets of my ego. In this way the raison d’être of JA-ZO can be likened to the metaphysical vessel of language Walter Benjamin describes. Assembling, expanding, extracting ideas and piecing them into one worldview, I externalize the core of my being into this ever-growing vessel and gain another means of introspection. And isn’t that what we ultimately seek, to study and understand ourselves?